Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm here!

I am safe and sound in Nakuru :) It is great being able to see the aunties again and the babies - little David now has teeth! I have also met the Cherished Handworks women and the boys. It has been a busy first couple of days but it has been great to hit the ground running! This weekend I will have the chance to recover a little from my trip (hopefully get on a somewhat normal sleeping schedule!) and unpack and get settled at Trena's.

Random Notes:
  • My travel time from Houston to Nairobi topped out somewhere around 34 hours... total time was around 37 hours if you include the drive on to Nakuru. 
  • Love "The Light Meets the Dark" CD by Tenth Avenue North
  • Successfully completed my first trip to Tusky's without passing out :)
  • Trena and I taught the boys how to play Twister and Jenga.
  • Stoked the Mavericks won game 5
Prayer Requests:
  • Quick adjustment to the time change
  • Be able to organize everything and have a productive start on Monday

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