Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One Year Anniversary and Birthdays

Today was a fun day. We celebrated the one year anniversary of the move to Nakuru for HCO and the birthdays of three staff members: Suzy (baby caretaker, 22 years old), Tobias (groundsman, 22 years old) and Eunice (house keeper, 29 years old). To make the day special we made chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes this morning and then took them to the baby house at lunch time. It was funny listening to everyone sing happy birthday three different times! They didn't combine everyone's names in one song like we would probably do in the States. Anyways, the cookies and cupcakes were enjoyed by all!

The chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and colorful sprinkles :)

The two birthday girls: Eunice and Suzy
Maina, Collins, Tobias (the birthday boy) and Joshua... sorry I forgot to turn off the flash!

Sadly though, as we were trying to leave the baby house, the Prado (Trena's car) wouldn't start. So we called a tuktuk (something similar to a small taxi) to take us home... while we were waiting we decided to start walking and meet him out on the main road.

Trena and Julia walking to meet the tuktuk
I didn't get a picture of the tuktuk but they are fairly small... usually just three grown people max. would ride in the back of one (I'll try to post a picture soon so you can have an idea of what I'm talking about). So it was a tight squeeze with six of us but thankfully three were kids!

Maina sat in the front with the driver
Julia, Trena, Collins and I...
...and Tobias all sat in the back.
As you can see, we made it work :)


  1. What a happy celebration! It looks like you made all the birthday treats... am I right?

  2. Well Trena had one of the ladies mix up a bag of chocolate chip cookie mix. And then I made the chocolate cupcakes :) It was fun!